A note from Editor in Chief Oseye Boyd:

Indiana Local News Initiative or ILNI is gone.

I’d like to introduce you to Mirror Indy, a part of Free Press Indiana. What was once one name is now two to better differentiate who we are and what we do. While Mirror Indy will be a publication serving the city of Indianapolis, Free Press Indiana is the nonprofit organization that supports us, and is dedicated to filling local news gaps and fostering collaboration across the state.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to have a name. We thought long and hard about a name that encompasses all this newsroom strives to be. Mirror Indy is perfect. It’s realistic and aspirational.

Remember FUBU? The hip, cool clothing brand from the ‘90s? FUBU was trendy, but it had meaning: For Us By Us. Well, that’s Mirror Indy. We’re for you by people like you — a reflection of you. We live, work and play in Indianapolis. We are a diverse group of people who want greatness not just for our city, but for ourselves, our children, friends and family. We care about you because we care about Indianapolis. We’re proud to call Indy home.

The rearview mirror has historical significance in Indianapolis. Ray Harroun won the first Indianapolis 500, and he did so using a rearview mirror, which was groundbreaking at the time (much like us!). He raced a six-cylinder Marmon Wasp, and instead of having a passenger give him directions as was the norm, Harroun attached a mirror to the steering wheel as was done for horse drawn buggies. It was creative, innovative and clever. That’s Mirror Indy.

The rearview mirror is also significant because it represents our nod to the past with our eye to the future. That’s how we approach the news. Nothing happens in a vacuum. The past plays a vital role in the present, but we’re not looking backward. We’re moving forward, and our news coverage will reflect the diversity of our city while including those often overlooked.

Welcome to Mirror Indy!