Renze, Lisa

Lisa Renze

Managing Editor, Partnerships and Projects

I've been a journalist or journalism educator essentially my entire life, starting in my hometown at KILR radio when I was 14. My favorite stories (that I've written or read) are ones that inspire me — ordinary people who don't know they do extraordinary things. When I'm not working, you'll find me outside walking two insanely spoiled Pitties who will swear they haven't had a treat in years... they lie. Don't believe them. I'm a gym rat, I love to read, travel to visit family, and spend as much time outside as possible with my dogs and in my garden. I joined the team because what's being built here is bigger than all of us doing the work right now. The defense of our democracy hinges on an educated, engaged and informed electorate - a free, robust, independent press simply helps protect the republic.

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